Joining Technologies Automation has integrated equipment in numerous industries, including medical, metal processing, and aerospace. In addition to the Infinite Web coil joining system, we have designed systems that

  • Join components used in the diagnosis and treatment of atrial fibrillation.
  • Fabricate suture systems for endoscopic surgery.
  • Ball the tips of twisted wire brushes for medical and cosmetic applications.
  • Weld microchannel reactor components used in the petroleum products industry.
  • Repair critical aerospace castings through the use of laser powder deposition.
Joining Technologies Automation
Joining Technologies Automation
Joining Technologies Automation

JT Automation has overcome a variety of unique challenges for our customers. Following are two of the many issues we’ve been presented with and our approach to solving them.

Problem: a major medical device manufacturer required a fully automated system to prepare, assemble and package micro electrode and wire assemblies for a minimally invasive surgical system.

JTA’s Solution: a system incorporating two lasers, six axes of precision motion control and dozens of pneumatic actuators to replace a painstaking and error-prone manual assembly process.

Problem: Existing tipping technology for the ends of cytology brushes was a potential failure mode.

JTA’s Solution: A fully automated system capable of producing over 4 million tipped brushes that eliminates the potential failure mode and opens capacity.

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